About Us

Academic Council Members

  • Dr Johar Ali - Chairperson
    Vice Chancellor UIT University
  • Dr Shoaib Zaidi - Member
    Provost UIT Unversity
  • Dr Abdul Qadir - Ex-officio Member
    Dean Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Dr Najmi Ghani Haider - Ex-officio Member
    Dean Faculty of Computing Sciences
  • Dr Abdul Rahman Zaki - Ex-officio Member
    Chairperson Management Sciences
  • Dr Syed Talha Ahsan - Ex-officio Member
    Chairperson Electrical Engineering
  • Dr Rehan Inam Qureshi - Ex-officio Member
    Chairperson Computing Sciences
  • Dr M. Ghazanfarullah Khan - Selected Member
    Chairperson Engineering Technology
  • Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy - Member
    BOG's Nominee
  • Engr. Sohail Bashir - Member
    BOG's Nominee
  • Mr Hussein Hasanali - Member
    BOG's Nominee
  • Dr Shaukat Hameed Khan - Member
    BOG's Nominee
  • Mr Raza Jafri - Ex-officio Member
    Controller of Examinations
  • Mr Muhammad Kamran Jamil - Secretary
    Interim Registrar