Amir Khan

Lecturer (including Senior / Junior)

Humanities & Basic Sciences


Amir Khan is an esteemed educator with a focus on Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies. He holds an M.A. in Islamic Studies from the University of Karachi and is currently pursuing an M.Phil. at the same institution in the Department of Islamic Learning, showcasing his dedication to academic advancement. With a robust educational foundation, Amir Khan has embarked on a journey of knowledge and teaching.

Amir Khan's teaching experience is extensive and impactful. He served as an Assistant Professor at B.C.K N.O.R.E 1 for 18 years, contributing significantly to the academic development of his students. Moreover, he played a vital role as a Visiting Faculty member at the Institute of Business Management (IOBM) in Korangi Creek for 12 years, from 2010 to 2022. Additionally, he shared his expertise as a Lecturer at UIT Karachi for three years, further demonstrating his commitment to fostering a rich educational environment. Beyond his academic pursuits, Amir Khan is deeply involved in religious and community service. He has been serving as a Khateeb Juma at the Jamaa Masjid Quran Academy D.H.A Karachi since 2006. His contributions extend to delivering religious interactive sessions, lectures, seminars, and speeches, including engagements with the Pakistan Navy. Notably, Amir Khan has recorded 66 programs on various religious topics for "PEACE TV URDU," exemplifying his dedication to spreading knowledge and promoting religious understanding.

In summary, Amir Khan is a highly respected educator in Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies. His strong educational background, extensive teaching experience, and active engagement in religious and community service highlight his unwavering commitment to both academic and religious education, leaving a lasting positive impact on students and the broader community.

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