Dr. Ammad Zafar

Assistant Professor

Head of Department (HoD)

Management Sciences


Dr. Ammad is a distinguished academician who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Karachi's Department of Public Administration. With a remarkable aptitude for research, he has made significant contributions to both national and international research journals, spanning diverse fields such as education, health, youth, transportation, entrepreneurship, financial management, human resources, and gender studies. During his academic journey, he played a pivotal role as a research assistant in the "Managing Megacities" project, jointly supervised by George Mason University in the USA and the Department of Public Administration. Dr. Ammad's exceptional analytical skills were showcased as he managed and analyzed extensive data, including a survey of 1,991 households and interviews with 11,124 individuals. His data analysis expertise, particularly using SPSS, generated 300 analyses focused on the attributes of Karachi city. Currently, Ammad serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Sciences at UIT University, where he imparts his research acumen and knowledge to students pursuing management sciences.

Dr. Ammad's educational journey is marked by a Ph.D., and his professional experience spans 15 years. He has held key positions such as Assistant Professor at UIT University, Lecturer (Visiting Faculty) at the University of Karachi, and Lecturer (Visiting Faculty) at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari. His expertise extends to Comparative Public Administration, Computer Applications, Quantitative Research, Management Information Systems, Project Management, and ERP. Beyond academia, Dr. Ammad has diverse industry experience, including managerial roles at M/s Noor Petroleum Service and advisory positions at M/s Noor Enterprises. Additionally, he contributed as a teacher in various private institutions, covering subjects ranging from Physics and Chemistry to Accounts, Statistics, Economics, and Business Law. He also served as an HR Manager at Travelup Pakistan Operations (PVT) LTD.

Dr. Ammad's commitment to professional development is evident through various training programs, internships, and conference attendance. He completed a course on sustainable development from Columbia University and received training in Human Resource Management from the University of Karachi. His participation in international conferences and workshops, such as those organized by NED University and George Mason University, further showcases his dedication to staying updated with current research trends. His extensive list of publications reflects his substantial contributions to the field, covering topics from health issues in megacities to the effects of succession planning on employee retention. Dr. Ammad's accomplishments include initiating the research journal "Global Journal for Management and Administrative Sciences," gaining recognition from HEC Advisory, and having his studies on educational institutions' role in entrepreneurship development and youth emigration internationally acknowledged as model studies.

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