The Computer Science minor courses are as follows:

CS Foundation: (All 3 Courses)
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisite
CCC-110 Programming Fundamentals 3+1None
CCC 150 Discrete Structures3+0None
CCC 251 Data Structures and Algorithms3+1None
CS Advanced
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisite
CCC-112 Object-Oriented Programming3+1CCC-150 DS
CSC-250 Design and Analysis Algorithms3+0CCC-110 Pfun & CCC-251 DSA
CCC-260 Software Engineering3+1None
CCC-340 Operating Systems3+1CCC-110 Pfun & CCC-251 DSA
CCC-220 Database Systems3+1CCC-110 Pfun & CCC-251 DSA
CCC-431 Information Security3+0
CCC-230 Data Communication and Computer Networks3+1
CSC-360 Artificial Intelligence3+1
CS Elective: (Any 2 Courses)
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisite
CS-2XX None
CS-3XX None
CS-4XX None

List of CS Electives
Course No. Course Title
CS 261 Understanding Social Networks
CS 262 Computational Social Science
CS 311 Introduction to Cryptography
CS/PHY 314 Quantum Computing
CS 316 Introduction to Deep Learning
CS 324 Advanced Java Programming
CS 326 Mathematics of Machine Learning
CS 336 Introduction to Computer Security
CS 361 Social Network Analysis
CS 363 Networks, Games, and Collective Behavior
CS 342 Game Development
CS 351 Artificial Intelligence
CS 370 Web and Mobile Development
CS 371 Software Security
CS 400 Senior Seminar
CS 421 Compiler Construction
CS 440 Computer Graphics
CS 446 Applied Digital Image Processing
CS 451 Computational Intelligence
CS 457 Data Science Techniques
EE 366 / CS 380 Introduction to Robotics
EE 375 Microcontrollers and interfacing
EE 424 Data Communication and Networking
EE 452 Computer Vision
EE 427 Cellular Internet of Things in 5G
EE 451 Digital Image Processing