Muhammad Asif Jamal

Lecturer (including Senior / Junior)

Humanities & Basic Sciences


This dedicated faculty member boasts a strong academic background and teaching experience. They earned their Master's degree in Applied Mathematics with an impressive A+ grade in 2014, setting the stage for their academic journey. Their teaching career began as a visiting faculty member at Karachi University in 2015, a role they held until 2019. During this time, they also contributed their expertise to DHA Suffa University in 2015-2016 and 2018.

Their commitment to academic growth continued as they completed an M.Phil. in Applied Mathematics from Federal Urdu University in April 2021. This additional qualification demonstrates their dedication to furthering their knowledge in the field. They then transitioned to the role of a Lecturer at Cadet College Karachi in 2018, where they played a pivotal role in educating young minds until February 2022. Currently, they serve as a Lecturer at UIT University, starting their tenure in February 2022.

In addition to their teaching prowess, this faculty member has made significant contributions to research in mathematics. They have two published papers to their name, titled "Neural Minimization Method NMM for solving variable order fractional delay differential equations (FDDEs) with simulated annealing (SA)" and "Series Solution of Fractional Pantograph Equations Via Taylor series." Their research endeavors underscore their commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of Applied Mathematics. Furthermore, their exceptional academic achievements were recognized with a scholarship from POSCO for securing a top position from Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in 2014. In summary, this faculty member's impressive academic background, teaching experience, research contributions, and recognition for their achievements highlight their significant impact on the field of Applied Mathematics.

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