Nisar Ali

Assistant Professor

Humanities & Basic Sciences


The faculty member in question has had an extensive and diverse teaching career spanning over nine years in universities and an additional three years in coaching and schools. Their academic journey includes positions as a Lecturer at FAST-NUCES Karachi for two years, followed by a year at Jauhar College of Commerce in Karachi. They joined UIT (NED University Affiliated) in October 2016 as a Lecturer and progressed to the role of Assistant Professor in July 2018, continuing their service until November 2021. Subsequently, they became an Assistant Professor at UIT University from November 2021 to the present. Notably, they have taken on significant responsibilities, such as serving as the Coordinator for H&BS from 2017 to 2021 and the Coordinator for Mathematics & Stats from 2021 to the present. Additionally, they have played a key role as the Faculty Head/Patron of the Sports Society.

In terms of education, this faculty member is pursuing a Ph.D., demonstrating a commitment to their own academic growth. Their qualifications include MPhil, MSc, and BSc degrees. They have also actively engaged in training and development activities, such as AKU Faculty Development Training on Inquiry-Based Learning and Class Management. Furthermore, they received training in managing references using RefWorks and participated in conferences, including the International Conference on "Sindh: History and Culture" in 2015, and presentations at conferences hosted by IOBM and IAHA. Their dedication to professional development and research is evident through their published work, including papers on topics like "Fractal Parameters of Slum Settlements" and "Computing the Urban Sprawl Dynamics Through Fractal Geometry."

The faculty member has achieved recognition for their contributions and dedication. They secured the 2nd position at an all-Northern-Areal Level competition during their middle school years. Additionally, they were acknowledged for their role as the Patron of the Sports Society and received a Certificate of Appreciation as an organizing member for Farewell Batch 2013 at UIT. Their commitment to teaching excellence was further recognized at UITU with the Best Employee Award in the HOD Nominee category for 2022-23, and they received an Appreciation Certificate for surpassing the required annual course load in 2022-23.

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  • “Slum settlements’ Malignancy: Karachi as one of the most Agglomerated City in the World”. Journal of Switching Hub, vol. 7, issue 3: PP. 9-15, SEP-DEC. 2022.
  • Computing the urban sprawl dynamics through fractal Geometry: MAT Journals. JCC
  • Reliability in systems based on some probability models: IEEE Explore Journals
  • Population distribution in mega cities of Pakistan: Karachi as a dynamical urban sprawling city in Asia : Published in conference proceedings: Quaide Azam University-IAHA

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