Semester I
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
HS101 English - I3+0
EC101 Principles of Microeconomics3+0
HS102 Islamic Studies / Ethics 2+0
MS101 Basic Mathematics3+0
DE101 Diversification - 1*2+0
DE102 Diversification - 2*3+0
Total 17
Semester II
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
HS103 English - II3+0
HS104 Pakistan Studies 3+0
EC102 Principles of Macroeconomics 2+0
MS102 Statistics - I 3+0
DE103 Diversification - 3* 3+0
DE104 Diversification - 4* 3+0
Total 17
Semester III
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
HS201English - III 3+0
EC201 Intermediate Microeconomics 3+0
CS101 Introduction to Computer 3+0
MS201 Intermediate Mathematics 3+0
DE201 Diversification - 5* 3+0
DE202 Diversification - 6* 3+0
Total 17
Semester IV
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
HS202English - IV 3+0
EC202 Intermediate Microeconomics 3+0
MS202 Statistics - II 3+0
EC203 Issues in World Economy 3+0
DE203 Diversification - 7* 3+0
DE204 Diversification - 8* 3+0
Total 18
Semester V
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
EC301Microeconomic Analysis 3+0
EC202 Monetary Economics 3+0
EC303 Public Finance 3+0
MS301 Mathematical Economics 3+0
MS302 Econometrics 3+0
Total 15
Semester VI
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
EC304 International Economics3+0
EC205 Development Economics 3+0
EC306 Financial Economics3+0
EC307 Research Methodology3+0
EC308 International Economics 3+0
Total 15
Semester VII
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
MS401 Time Series and Panel Data Econometrics 3+0
EC401 Dynamic Optimization 3+0
EC402 Islamic Economics3+0
ECXXX Optional - 1** 3+0
ECXXX Optional - 2**3+0
Total 15
Semester VIII
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
EC403 General Equilibrium & Welfare Economics 3+0
EC404 Economic Growth3+0
EC405 Issues in Pakistan Economy 3+0
ECXXX Optional - 3** 3+0
ECXXX Optional - 4**3+0
Total 15

*General Courses (Diversification)
Course Title Course Title
International Relations Introduction to Geography
Introduction to SociologyCS321 Introduction to Law
General Science Introduction to Commerce
One Non-English Language Course such as Arabic, Chinese, etc. Introduction to Mass Communication
Principles of Political Science Principles of Psychology
Principles of Accounting Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Philosophy Principles of Management
Introduction to Logic Introduction to Education

**Optional Courses
Course Title Course Title
Microeconomics Macroeconomics and Public Sector Economics
Game Theory Monetary Policy
Industrial Organization Fiscal Policy
Behavioral Economics Cost-Benefit Analysis
Experimental Economics Economics of Regulations and Competitive Economy
Labor and Population Islamic Economics
Labor Economics Islamic Banking: Theory and Practice
Population Economics Islamic Finance
Human Resource Development Divine Economics
International Economics and Finance Resource Economics
Trade and Development Natural Resource Economics
International Finance Environmental Economics
Energy Economics
Economics of Climate Change
Development Studies Other Courses
Development Policy Economics of Education
Poverty and Income Distribution Urban Economics
Political Economy Transport Economics
History of Economic Thought Health Economics
World Economic History Institutional Economics
Economics of Happiness and Wellbeing Real Analysis
Real Estate Economics
Economics of Terrorism, War and Conflict