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UIT University (UITU) 2nd Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting:

UIT University (UITU) 2nd Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting held on 13th of December, 2022, Tuesday at Usman Memorial Foundation's Head Office.

The members of the meeting are: Dr. Shoaib Zaidi*, Provost, UITU; Mr. Tariq Rangoonwala, Chairman and Executive Trustee of the ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust; *Mr. Samir A. Hoodbhoy*, Managing Director, Data Communication & Control Pvt. Ltd.; *Mr. Muhammad Mureed Rahimoon*, Secretary Universities and Boards Department, Government of Sindh; *Mr Justice (Retd.) Shahnawaz Tariq*, Ombudsman PHWWP, Government of Sindh; *Mr. M. Hussain Hashim*, Chancellor UITU; *Dr. Johar Ali*, Vice Chancellor UITU; and *Mr. M. Kamran Jamil, Interim Registrar*, UITU.


Result Announcement for Spring 2022:

Undergraduate Programs (Computer Science (CS), Software Engineering (SE) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)) Results for the session Spring 2022 have been announced. Students can see their results by clicking this link.


Nova Press Release:

Open Global is launching NOVA Initiative aimed at educating engineers, entrepreneurs and designers how to approach globally competitive New Product Development. This initiative has two components-view for more details

Recent Events:


Malir Campus Boundary Wall Inaugration:

Recently the initial boundary wall work of UIT University Malir Campus has been completed which was a formal beginning of University operations evidenced by a graceful ceremony attended by UIT university officials and professionals.

UIT University is the continuation of state-of-the-art 27 years of education experience. The University is aimed to contribute towards education and learning for the development of society in the nation at large, in continuation of its aspiration to become one of the leading universities providing practical solutions to industry, trade, and business. It has recently expanded its operations to create space for research and development.

UIT University is entering into expanding its work in an area spreading over more than 49,000 sq. yards in the Malir district of Karachi.


UIT University sign MOU with WANZ:

UIT University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WANZ International Technology (WINT) with the intention to facilitate young Entrepreneurs/graduates in the business growth of their ventures through participating in Foreign Conferences and Exhibitions.


UIT University sign MOU with iTecknologi:

UIT University signed MOU with iTecknologi. Its diversified conglomerate that is securing its place by providing best tracking services in Pakistan. UIT University and iTecknologi are looking forward to work mutually in the field of IT & Technology for a better Pakistan.



President Dr Arif Alvi Congratulates UIT and its team for designing Pakistan’s First Open Source RISC – V Microprocessor, he said that Pakistan needs more graduates in IT sector in number and quality as well because world needs more number of these graduates in this sector. He expressed such views while addressing the ceremony “Celebrating Pakistan’s First Open Source RISC –V Microprocessor designed at UIT University” held here at UIT University on Saturday 5th of march.



UIT University organized a Python workshop by MERL in collaboration with ACM UIT. 'PyDay' is the full day Python Event for 1st Year Students for developing and competing using the open-source platform for Python programming language. The event drew over 100 first-semester students from the CS, SE, and EL departments. The speed programming competition was won by SE-Sec-B students in the first semester. We are also grateful to the MERL and UIT-ACM student volunteers for their presence and assistance throughout the event.


UIT University and PIAIC MoU Signing Ceremony:

UIT University and PIAIC agreed to sign a partnership MoU to start the PIAIC classes in UIT University. The MoU Signing Ceremony was held in the auditorium of UIT University on Saturday, December 18, at 2 pm.



Usman Institute of Technology has been given the status of a university by the Sindh Government. Attending the inaugural ceremony of the varsity as the chief guest, Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail said, "Youth is the future of our country. I am happy to come to institutions equipped with all the technological facilities for which we send our children to study abroad." He further stated that I always enjoy talking to faculty members and students. "UIT University has made this journey with great efforts and is considered one of the best institutions," said the governor.

He congratulated the Chancellor of UIT University, Hussain Hasham, and the board members. He added that the government had launched a “Kamyab Naujawan” program because youth are unsure about their future direction after graduation from an institution. The government will give 500,000 to such youngsters under the youth program scheme. He stated, "There is a lot of talent in Pakistan. We must tell our success stories to students and youngsters. I hope that this institution will help in the future and development of our youth."