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First Year
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Category Pre-requisite
CCC-101 Programming Fundamentals 4CS Core
CCC-102 Introduction to Computing4CS Core
MTS-101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry3MSF Course
MTS-104 Applied Physics3MSF Course
SSC-101 English Composition & Comprehension3GE Course
CCC-103 Object-Oriented Programming4CS CoreProgramming Fundamentals
CCC-104 Discrete Structures 3CS Core
MTS-102 Probability and Statistics3MSF Course
CCC-206 Software Engineering3CS CoreIntroduction to Computing
SSC-102 Communication & Presentation Skills3GE CourseEnglish Composition & Comprehension
Second Year
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Category Pre-requisite
CCC-205 Data Structures and Algorithms 4CS CoreObject-Oriented Programming, Discrete Structure
SEC-201 Software Requirements Engineering3Domain CoreSoftware Engineering
University Elective - I3Uni. Elective
SEC-202 HCI3Domain Core
MTS-103 Linear Algebra3MSF Course
SEC-203 Software Design & Architecture 3Domain Core
CCC-207 Database Systems4CS CoreData Structures and Algorithms
CCC-208 Data Comm. and Computer Networks4CS CoreIntroduction to Computing
SES-xxx SE Supporting - I3SE Supportinge
MS221 University Elective - II3Uni. Elective
Third Year
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Category Pre-requisite
Internship (NC)0
SEC-304 Software Construction & Development3Domain CoreSoftware Design & Architecture
University Elective - III3Uni. Elective
SEE-xxx SE Elective - I 3SE Elective
SEE-xxx SE Elective - II3SE Elective
SEC-305 Web Engineering3Domain CoreDatabase Systems
CCC-309 Operating System4CS CoreData Structures and Algorithms
SEC-306 Software Project Management3Domain CoreSoftware Engineering
SEC-307 Software Quality Engineering3Domain CoreSoftware Engineering
SEE-xxx SE Elective - III3SE Elective
SES-xxx SE Supporting - II3SE Supporting
SSC-405 Pakistan Studies2GE Course
Fourth Year
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Category Pre-requisite
CCC-411 Final Year Project - I0CS Core
SEE-4xx SE Elective -IV3SE Elective
SEC-408 Software Re-Engineering3SE Supporting
SES-4xx SE Supporting - III3SE Supporting
SSC-404 Professional Practice3GE Course
SSC-303 Technical & Business Writing3GE Course
CCC-412 Final Year Project - II6CS CoreFinal Year Project - I
CCC-410 Information Security3CS CoreData Communication and Networks
SEE-xxx SE Elective - V3SE Elective
University Elective - IV 3Uni. Elective
SSC-406 CIslamic Studies/Ethics2GE Course

University Elective Courses
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
SSC-x13 Foreign Language3+0
SSC-x40 Introduction to Marketing 3+0
SSC-x41 Financial Accounting 3+0
SSC-x42 Economics3+0
SSC-x31 Technopreneurship3+0
SSC-x24 Philosophy 3+0
SSC-x25 Psychology3+0
SSC-x43 Human Resource Management3+0
SSC-x26 International Relations3+0

Software Engineering Elective Courses
Course No. Course Title Pre-requisite Credit Hours
CSE-x70 Semantic Web3
SEE-x50 Information System AuditSoftware Engineering3
SEE-x51 Management Information SystemIntroduction to Computing 3
CSE-x71 Social Network AnalysisData Structures and Algorithms3
CSC-x50 Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsData Structures and Algorithms 3
CSC-x60 Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceData Structures and Algorithms3
CSC-x40 Parallel & Distributed ComputingData Communication Operating Systems3
SEE-x28 Software Design PatternsSoftware Engineering, Object-Oriented Programming3
CSE-x10 Mobile Application DevelopmentData Structures and Algorithms3
SEE-x22 Software Configuration and Deployments (DevOps)Software Engineering3
CSE-x20 Big Data Analytics Database Systems3
CSE-x60 Natural Language ProcessingArtificial Intelligence3
CSE-x61 Machine LearningLinear Algebra and Probability and Statistics3
CSE-x21 Data MiningDatabase Systems3
CSE-x40 Cloud ComputingData Communication and Networks3
SEE-x30 Routing and SwitchingData Communication and Networks3
CSE-x30 Network SecurityData Communication and Networks3
CSE-x31 Internet of ThingsData Communication and Networks3
CSE-x12 Computer GraphicsData Structures and Algorithm3
CSE-x13 Game Application DevelopmentData Structures and Algorithm3
CSE-x14 Digital Image ProcessingData Structures and Algorithm3
CSE-x62 Deep Neural NetworksCalculus, Probability and Statistic3
SEE-x23 Agent-Based Software EngineeringArtificial Intelligence3
SEE-x27 Topics in Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering 3
SEE-x26 Software MetricsSoftware Engineering3
SEE-x25 Software Engineering EconomicsSoftware Engineering3
SEE-x29 Object-Oriented Software EngineeringObject-Oriented Programming, Software Engineering3