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Message from Dean

Dr. Najmi Ghani Haider

The modern world is changing fast and with it the demand for skilled professionals in sufficient numbers. Many earlier acquired skills are becoming obsolete. However, judging by the ubiquity of computers in our daily lives, at home and the Office, it would be fair to say that computing professionals will not be out of jobs in the present or the foreseeable future. This is backed up by reports from IT industry, nationally and globally, showing that persons having a degree in the computing sciences are well among the top most sought-after professionals, with employability not just in the computer and software industry but also in diverse businesses.

To be prepared to effectively reap the benefits of fruitful employment in the computing profession, it is important to have attended a quality undergraduate programme as this has a bearing on the perceived worth of the degree holder to employers. UIT University has a pedigree of 27 years having contributed more than 2,000 computer science and software engineering graduates to Pakistan’s economy over this period. The Faculty of Computing Sciences offers two Undergraduate degree programmes: BS Computer Science, and BS Software Engineering. Both programmes are recognized by the Higher Education Commission. Coupled with a highly qualified and competent faculty, it nurtures a sound grounding in the concepts with emphasis on application in practice and life-long learning. Up-to-date computer lab and library augment the classroom teaching facilities. Close contact is maintained with industry to keep abreast of their expectations from our graduates, and the future directions technology is moving in. To develop a wholesome personality, the programmes also inculcate an awareness of responsibilities as a citizen towards the wellbeing of our Society.

Apart from the plentiful jobs in Pakistan’s burgeoning software industry and internationally, there are attractive opportunities to be exploited by aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers. The computing sciences are ideal given the nominal capital investment required in software development, IT consulting and training services.

The field of Computing Sciences promises exciting prospects for a career and there is a multitude of job descriptions for graduates to adjust into in line with their personal interest in the field. Based on these reasons, I would encourage you to choose from a Computing degree programme at UIT University and launch yourself on a rewarding and prosperous life journey. Good luck!


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