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Environment Friendly Activities

Environment Care

It is of utmost importance to protect the environment of the earth where we breathe and our future generation will live. The environment facilitates us to survive and live in a healthy manner. This is the environment that provide us air to breathe, oxygen to survive, water to liquidify our body and sun light to get vitamin D. Although, these environmental resources are sufficient enough for the mankind to consume, however, irresponsible behaviour affects its quality. For example, the water gets contaminated if it receives grabage and drainage water. Similarly, the air gets polluted with industrial and vehicle emissions.

In order to have healthy life on this planet, it is important that we feel responsibility towards our environment. All the technolgical advancements, machines and equipment upgrading our living standards are directly and indirectly burning iur natural resources hence negatively affecting the environment. The top among the list is electricity which consume fuel. In general, all energy sources have some impact on our environment. The coal, oil, and natural gas extraction are harmful to the environment and lead to air and water pollution, damage to human health, loss to wildlife and habitat lives and global warming.

While it is inevitable to completely avoid conventional sources of generating energy, it has become important to contribute towards building environment so as to minimize its adversity.

At UIT University, we are extra careful towards protecting the environment. The University is using LED lights, meeting 20% of its energy from sunlight, undertaking plantation campaign, reducing the consumption of paper through paperless working, recycling bins, and other such measures.

Celebration of Environment Day

Activities pertaining to “World Environment Day” were carried out on 5/06/23. Dr. Johar Ali, the VC, delivered a talk on “World Environment Day.” He emphasized the importance of taking our responsibility towards improving the environment seriously. Dr. Ali shared some international practices and encouraged us to set individual goals related to the environment in order to support the cause. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Avoid disposing of trash in the open; always use adequate bins.
  2. Engage in outdoor and indoor plantation activities at home or the workplace. You can use “Lucky Bamboo Plant” indoors or in offices.
  3. Switch off excess lights and make it a habit to turn off the lights when you leave.
  4. Participate in cleaning activities near your home, in your vicinity, and at your workplace.
  5. According to a study conducted at UITU, trees should be cut and utilized as raw materials for paper manufacturing. It was found that our paper usage for three months is equivalent to 16.5 trees. Let’s aim to reduce paper usage accordingly.

By setting goals, we can effectively protect our environment for ourselves and for others. Let’s all strive to set goals and save our world from the adverse effects of a degraded environment.

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