UIT University

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Chairperson of the Department

Engr. Dr S. Talha Ahsan

Ph.D. (Manchester), MS (Ohio State)

Associate Professor and Head, Department of Electrical Engineering

“Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering at UIT University. Upon PEC approval, the department will continue its offering of the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering program, with specializations in Electronic, Telecommunication, Power, and Computer System Engineering.

Today’s educational institutions must keep pace with the ever-growing knowledge by staying up-to-date in their curriculum, faculty, and laboratories. Alhamdulillah, at UIT, we have been at the cutting edge as far as high-quality engineering education is concerned, and we aspire to do the same for UIT University. Our curriculum has gone through several revisions to incorporate the new developments. We are proud to have well-qualified faculty holding Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from reputed local and foreign universities. Liaison with industry in the form of industry-linked final year projects, industrial visits, internships, seminars, and workshops are salient features of our degree programs.

Our vision is to produce graduates capable of providing innovative solutions to the problems faced by the industry and society. I welcome the aspiring students to the Department of Electrical Engineering at UIT University.”

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