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Chairperson / HOD Computer Science


UIT University (UITU) is established vide The University Act, 2017 of Government of Sindh. The University is the culmination of twenty-eight years of progressive and successful operation of the Usman Institute of Technology. Currently, the University has four faculties namely, Engineering and Technology, Computing Sciences, Management and Social Sciences and Engineering Technology. In order to continue our contribution to the economy and to meet emerging requirements of talented professionals to serve the country and abroad, the University is keen to intensify its footprint in the area of quality education and research leading to human resources’ capacity building. In order to achieve its objectives, the University believes in the induction of competent human resources both faculty and staff to various teaching and non-teaching departments.

The Computer Science Department offers various undergraduate and associate degree programs in the area of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Software Development, Multimedia and Digital Arts. The post-graduate programs are in the phases of launching. Keeping in view of growing demand of qualification, skills and expertise in the area of Information Technology and related areas, the Department is committed to introduce programs that fulfills both local and overseas market needs. The Department is responsible to introduce manage ongoing programs and to introduce new Computer Science and related programs. The department enjoys maximum share of faculty members and students in the overall strength of the University.

In order to strengthen the Faculty of Computing Sciences, the University is looking for a Karachi-based Chairperson / Head of Department (HOD) to lead Computer Science Department of the University. This is senior management position reporting to the Dean and / or Provost. The Chairperson would be responsible for overseeing all the academic and administrative matters of the Department including but not limited to holding BOS meetings, initiate proposals for BOF and Academic Council, revision and updating the curriculum, allocation of courses, facilitation in hiring of faculty members in the department, ensuring performance evaluation of the faculty, resolve course related issues of students, represent the department in different committees of the University and other related works. The Chairperson is also responsible to teach courses in line with the University’s policy.

Specific Skills

The position requires following skills:

  1. Strong leadership skills and the ability to inspire and motivate faculty and students;
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for effective collaboration with stakeholders;
  3. Effectively supervising, leading, and delegating tasks and authority;
  4. Ability to develop, plan and implement short and long-term goals;
  5. Ability to analyze course pre-requisites, certification and/or curriculum/graduation requirements.
  6. Ability to supervise and train faculty members by organizing, prioritizing and scheduling work assignments.
  7. Up-to-date knowledge of industry trends, emerging technologies, and educational methodologies;
  8. Proficiency in administrative and budget management;
  9. Understanding of accreditation standards and quality assurance processes;
  10. A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in both the department and the institution.
  11. Ability to handle contingency situation.
Responsible For

The position will have following responsibilities:

Academic Leadership
  1. To provide strategic direction to the department and to initiate plans to contribute towards overall development of the University;
  2. To discharge responsibilities entrusted in the Act, Statutes and Rules;
  3. To initiate new programs in the department;
  4. To comply with the requirements of regulatory bodies including HEC, NCEAC and NEDUET;
  5. To ensure all programs are conducted in accordance with the guidelines of National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC);
  6. To develop new curriculum and consistently update to stay current with industry trends and educational standards;
  7. To continuously assess the quality of education programs, courses and students’ learning outcomes;
  8. To represent the department as and when applicable within and outside the University;
  9. To ensure all activities are carried out to the highest possible standards and put in place the necessary evaluation and monitoring procedures so as to bring continuous improvement and academic advancement in the areas of teaching, research, publications and projects;
Faculty Involvement
  1. To maintain pool of qualified and experienced faculty members;
  2. To assess and initiate faculty development programs in collaboration with the offices of Provost and HR;
  3. To assign courses to the permanent and visiting faculty members;
  4. To ensure that prescribed pedagogy is followed in the overall learning and assessment;
  5. To develop course plans and monitor progress as per the guidelines;
  6. To collaborate with other teaching departments to optimize faculty members’ productivity;
  7. To ensure right methodology is being followed for the dissemination of courses’ contents;
  8. To ensure implementation of outcomes of faculty and course evaluation;
  9. To evaluate performance and achievements of the faculty members;
Student Engagement
  1. To facilitate Academic Operations and Admission Departments in prescribing admission requirements to different programs of the department;
  2. To address day-to-day students’ academic matters including providing guidelines for course registration, program transfer, dropping semester, graduation requirements, etc;
  3. To manage department’s administrative affairs including classes and labs are held in a timely manner as per schedule, teachers give dedicated time to students, students are mentored and counseled in line with the specified guidelines, and updated knowledge has been imparted;
  4. To participate in open houses, counseling seminars and orientation sessions;
Research and Innovation
  1. To promote the culture of research and publication in the department;
  2. To ensure high quality of Final Year Projects and to make efforts to convert projects into prototype for commercialization in coordination with ORIC;
  3. To onboard organizations from the corporate sector and industry to collaborate with the University;
  4. To facilitate Corporate Liaison Department in identifying students for various internship and placement opportunities;
Administrative Management
  1. To manage all the academic and administrative activities of the department in coordination with other departments;
  2. To facilitate other non-teaching departments including Academic Operations, Administration, Finance, Information Technology and QEC in addressing various matters and providing information related to the department;
  3. To contribute towards automation of the record and information;
  4. To ensure that the contents of examination papers for each course are in line with course outlines;
  5. To ensure judicious use of department’s budget;
  6. To maintain confidentiality of records and information of the department.
Educational Requirements

PhD in Computer Science, Information Technology and / or relevant areas from a recognized national or international institution recognized by HEC. Must have been meeting HEC requirement of a Professor.

Experience Requirements
Should have over 15 years’ relevant professional & teaching experience with at least 5 years for heading Computer Science or relevant Department in the higher educational institutions.
Other Benefits

The University provides a congenial progressive work environment encouraging creativity and innovation. The benefits include different leaves, annual break, provident fund, hospitalization and life insurance. The market based competitive package will be offered to the selected candidate.


The interested candidates meeting the criteria may apply by visiting the following link or scanning QR code to fill-in the form and upload CV. https://forms.gle/FsX5KJL2R1chZwS67

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