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UIT University (UITU) is established vide The University Act, 2017 of Government of Sindh. The University is the culmination of twenty-eight years of progressive and successful operation of the Usman Institute of Technology. Currently, the University has four faculties namely, Engineering and Technology, Computing Sciences, Management and Social Sciences and Engineering Technology. In order to continue our contribution to the economy and to meet emerging requirements of talented professionals to serve the country and abroad, the University is keen to intensify its footprint in the area of quality education and research leading to human resources’ capacity building. In order to achieve its objectives, the University believes in the induction of competent human resources both faculty and staff to various teaching and non-teaching departments.

The IT Department serves as a backbone to all departments to ensure state-of-the-art infrastructure and information system support. It plays an important role in achieving objectives of the University and to create an appropriate interface between students and management through a comprehensive Campus Management System (CMS) which has been gradually been improved to meet the future requirements. The Department is responsible for managing Learning Management System (LMS) used for teaching productivity. It also ensures availability, operations and maintenance of IT and support infrastructure including helpdesk support to meet different IT needs of the University.

In order to strengthen IT Department, the University is looking for a Karachi-based Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead IT operations of the University. This is senior management position reporting to the Vice Chancellor. The CIO would be responsible for overseeing the technology and information systems of the University. The prime responsibility of CIO is to continue to maintain and improve the University’s internal technology processes as a way of maximizing departments’ productivity and making complex tasks more achievable through automation.

Specific Skills

The position requires following skills:

  1. Strategic Vision: It is required to have clear understanding of the University's goals and how technology can be leveraged to achieve them.
  2. Leadership: Strong leadership skills are required to inspire and motivate the team of IT professionals, foster collaboration, and encourage innovation. It includes effective communication skills with both technical and non-technical stakeholders and business acumen to understand how technology can drive revenue and optimize operations.
  3. Technology Savvy: A deep understanding of the latest technology trends, emerging tools, and industry best practices is required for IT related initiatives, decision-making and understanding complex IT challenges.
  4. Risk Awareness: The clear understanding of cybersecurity risks and data privacy concerns is required to protect the organization's information assets and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
  5. Project Management: The effective project management skills are required to oversee multiple IT projects are timely delivered in an efficient manner.
  6. Innovation and Creativity: In order to foster a culture of innovation, it is required to find and seek opportunities to leverage technology for a competitive advantage.
  7. Data Analysis Skills: In order to take data-driven decision-making, it is required to not only have data analytics skills to analyze data and using insights to drive technology initiatives and optimize business processes but also to develop such skills across the University's different departments.
Compensation and Benefits:

The University provides a congenial progressive work environment encouraging creativity and innovation. The benefits include different leaves, annual break, provident fund, hospitalization and life insurance. The market based competitive package will be offered to the selected candidate.


The interested candidates meeting the criteria may apply by visiting the following link or scanning QR code to fill-in the form and upload CV. https://forms.gle/zFRnhnY13Q61F7U58

Responsible For

The position will have following responsibilities:

  1. To initiate and implement IT strategy in line with the University’s vision in consultation with all stakeholders and the Board of Governors and for this purpose develop IT related policies and procedures;
  2. To lead overall IT operations and as part of University’s top management to drive IT related initiatives;
  3. To manage an integrated database management system of the University in accordance with the needs of the departments;
  4. To maintain and improve all IT infrastructure including networking needs of the University;
  5. To maintain and enhance University’s website;
  6. To find innovative IT solutions to bring overall efficiency in the system;
  7. To make efforts towards a paperless environment;
  8. To train and develop employees to effectively use the database and IT based solutions;
  9. To supervise, coach, train and develop IT team to meet emerging IT requirements and to adequately provide support services to other departments;
  10. To engage vendors for supply of the products, services and SLAs;
  11. To prepare budgets, utilization and compliance for IT related operations of the University.
Educational Requirements

MS in Computer Science, Information Technology and / or relevant areas from a recognized national or international institution recognized by HEC.

Experience Requirements
Should have over 20 years’ relevant professional experience with at least 5 years for heading IT Department / Operations.

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